How Clorox Helps

Clorox® Regular Bleach is one of the most important tools in Amphibian Ark's fight to save the frogs.

Frogs are treated with anti-fungal medicine and anything else that has contact with water during amphibian rescue is treated with a bleach solution, from boots and clothing to instruments and transport containers, to be sure researchers are not spreading the fungus to new, uncontaminated areas. When zoos and aquariums bring frogs into protective custody, the enclosures also must be treated with a bleach solution daily for the first few weeks to be sure they help control the spread of fungus.

Since it was introduced in 1913, Clorox® Regular Bleach has a long history of use in places where killing pathogens is critical — in hospitals, nursing homes, child-care centers and school. Rice growers in California use bleach to protect their rice seeds from disease. It's also used in the fight to protect California's beloved oak trees. As part of its commitment to protecting the oak population, the Clorox Company is providing funding to support a program aimed at helping tree-planting groups and teaching middle-school children about threats to the oak population such as Sudden Oak Disease. The curriculum will bring the story of the oaks to 4,000 schools throughout the state.

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