2008 is the year of the frog!

The world's leading conservationists have joined together to name 2008 "The Year of the Frog," in hopes of raising both awareness and funding needed to mitigate the amphibian extinction crisis. MORE>

THE VANISHING FROG, From Animal Planet, in Partnership With The Clorox Company

With "The Vanishing Frog," Animal Planet and Clorox have joined forces to focus worldwide attention on the deadly fungus that is destroying frogs and other amphibians around the world. From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Ecuador and Missouri to Puerto Rico, follow Jeff Corwin and the Animal Planet team on their worldwide mission to uncover clues on the frog's deadly plight.

Learn more and watch a clip from the documentary, HERE!


How Clorox Helps

The Clorox Company is proud to be the first official corporate sponsor of The Year of the Frog program. Clorox is donating funds and bleach to support the work of protecting the planet's amphibians. Clorox® Regular Bleach is one of the most important tools in Amphibian Ark's fight to save the frogs. Read more about how Clorox is helping. MORE>



Jeff Corwin Reports from the Field

Read Jeff Corwin's special reports from the field as he traveled to uncover clues on the frog's deadly plight. MORE>



In the small village of El Valle, Panama, nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano, conservation biologists and volunteers are hard at working finishing up more than just a building. They are creating an ark of sorts, rescuing frogs and other amphibians from habitat destruction and the sweep of a deadly fungus that is threatening amphibians around the world with extinction. MORE>

Why Amphibians are Disappearing

Amphibian Ark Program Officer Kevin Zippel overviews the problems facing amphibians.

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